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  • LED TV

    Majestic has a range of 12V LED TV using the latest state-of-the-art technology which connect to Phones and Tablets and are designed to handle the tough outback and harsh marine environment Our engineering team has developed our own power supply stage to handle a large voltage range from 9.5V to 18V DC and still perform perfectly without any interruption. Our 12 Volt LED TVs are packed with features such as USB for multimedia, they come with 2x HDMI Inputs, Component Input, VGA input and much more. The MMMI Majestic Multi Media Interface allows your iOS or Android phone to be connected to the Majestic 12 Volt LED TV and the TV will act as a large screen, displaying everything on your phone.

  • DVD Player

    Majestic DVD players are designed for the tough conditions of the Marine or RV environment, perfect for boats, RVs, Trucks, SUV, and caravan.

  • Satellite TV Antenna

    Majestic is a global leader in Marine and RV technology. The Satellite TV antennas is another area where Majestic leads the world. Looking for a high quality and reliable TV signal offshore or outback then the Majestic Satellite Antenna is what you need.

  • Accessories

    Majestic has a full range of genuine matching accessories to ensure you get the most out of your quality equipment.

  • Amplifiers

    Majestic has a range of Amplifiers designed specifically for the Marine and RV industry. Looking for something that gives you that extra quality sound, then the Majestic amplifiers will definitely impress you.

  • Speakers

    Majestic has developed a range of speakers from internal use for RV's or boats, to Marine outdoor waterproof with UV stability. There is a choice of Box speakers, Cube speakers, or even Ultra Slim marine speakers that are only 1 Inch deep (25mm).

  • TV & FM Antenna

    Majestic TV and FM Antennas are designed for either the Marine or RV industry. The high gain gives you the comfort knowing that when you are in a fringe area you will get optimum performance. If you are looking for a Marine TV antenna check out the Majestic UFO X, known throughout the world as the best performing TV antenna for it's size.

  • Wall Brackets

    Majestic has a great range of Wall Brackets designed for the RV and Marine Environment. There is a variety of brackets with locking ability, which are perfect for Boats and Motorhomes. We also have high quality brackets with Gas struts for those looking for something different.

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