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Universal Remote RM900

Looking for a simple but powerful Universal Learning Remote - the RM900 is perfect for you.

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$ 89.99

The RM900 was designed to learn upto 8 devices all using a simple touch screen. The high tech LCD panel allows you to add or remove features that you do not wish to use. Example Programming your TV, and you only want Power, Volume Up and Volume Down, Channel Up and Channel Down, and Mute. Then you can remove all the other features so they are not seen when using the Remote.

The RM900 is the bet way to reduce your clutter of various remote controls and have them all in one easy to operate unit.

Auto sensing backlight. When the lighting is low, simply move the remote control, touch the screen, or wave you hand past the top of the remote and it will automatically turn on the backlighting. This makes it perfect for night time use, it saves power and more importantly does not light up a dark room when it is not in use.


  • Accessories Supplied Instruction Manual
  • Brightness Blue Back lighting
  • Colour Silver
  • Features Learns up to 8 Devices
  • Voltage Range 2x AAA