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Movable Bracket ARM2502B with locking pin

Swing Arm LCD TV Bracket with Locking Pin.

Majestic has a versatile range of swing arm brackets. The ARM2502B comes with a locking pin so that you can lock it in place when travelling, and you can easily remove the TV by releasing the mounting plate from the bracket.

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$ 115.00

Have you been looking for a wall mount bracket to solve your problems of being able to be locked into place but be versatile enough to use easily, look no further. The ARM2502B is the most versatile swing arm on the market for Marine and RV use. With over 15 years of working with RV and Boat Manufacturers the Majestic engineering team has developed a solution to ensure your TV can travel safely, but most importantly be moved to ensure you get the optimum viewing angles.

Technical Features:

Locking Pin: The ARM2502B comes with a locking pin designed to lock your TV against the wall during transit. This arm provides the perfect solution for most mobile installations. The ARM2502B is an exceptional design that allows those looking for an arm that can lock the TV against the wall when not being used. Simply lift the locking pin and lock the arm with the TV in place, and simply do the same to extend the arm. The Vesa plate is designed for Majestic TV's and many other brands. This solves a major solution when you have your TV in your Boat or RV.

Lever: An important part of the bracket is the lever. This allows the bracket to provide some vertical adjustment, simply loosen the bracket and the TV vertical angle can now be adjusted. It is perfect for those installations where the TV is slightly higher and the viewing angle is not perfect, now you can make it perfect. Most people use various wedges to try to offset the top of the bracket to obtain the right angle, the ARM2502B has this problem solved.

Removable Plate: The ARM2502B is engineered to give you as much flexibility as possible without having to re-design your vehicle around it. One important factor is to be able to easily remove the TV for storage. The ARM2502B has two thumb screws which you simply loosen and the TV lifts off the bracket. So when you return the TV, just tighten the screws and the TV locks permanently and securely on the bracket.

Level: During installation many people are unable to get most brackets mounted square, now the ARM2502B solves that problem, our engineering team simply added a small level gauge in the wall mounting plate of the bracket. We have reduced your installation time and more importantly made it easy for you to get the bracket installed with the correct angles.

The Arm comes in Black and also has removable covers to allow you feed cable through so that your installation is nice and neat. Finally the Plate that fits to the TV, has two Black thumb screws which can be tightened if you want to leave the TV on the arm or simply unscrew to remove the TV from the Arm.

270H x 195Wx 80D mm Against wall                                                                                                                                                      270H x 40W x 410D mm Extended


  • Accessories Supplied Locking Pin, Screws, Manual
  • Colour Black
  • Dimensions HxWxD No Stand 270H x 80W x 410D (mm) Extended
  • Features Can be used in multiple locations 270H x 195W x 80D (mm) Against Wall
  • TV sizes 10" to 22" Majestic
  • Vesa Size Available 75mm, 100mm, 125mm
  • Weight 10Kg Maximum